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There are several types of bikini tops and bottoms. Do make sure that you’ve selected the correct one. 🙂


Type A – String Halter, Joined Middle, Thick Back

Type B – Stringed Halter/Middle/Back

Type C – Double Stringed Halter, Stringed Middle/Back

Type D – Joined String Halter/Back, Clipped Middle

Type E – Thick Halter, Stringed Middle/Back

Type F – Thick Halter/Back, Joined Middle

Type G – Thick Halter/Back, Tied Middle

Stringed Halter

Thick Halter

Stringed Back (With Joined Middle)

Stringed Back (With String Middle)

Thick Back

Joined Middle

Stringed Middle

Tied Middle

Type i – Double String

Type ii – Single String

Type iii – Single Thick

Type iv – Double Thick

Type v – Normal

Type vi – Band