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Since we’re in a good mood. we’ve decided we’re gonna like, have a SALE!

Hence, ALL prices for bikinis are now RM55 ONLY! like, OMG!

Wait, not only that, if you buy TWO, it’s only RM50 each!! (RM100 for two)

So, what ya waiting for?! 😀

Email us at or leave a comment!


p.s. we also invite bulk purchases. do email us for further arrangements!


Our current products are bikinis, bikinis and MORE bikinis! 🙂 We disliked the fact that it’s soooo difficult to get good quality and affordable bikinis in our area, and we thought that maybe other girls out that felt the same too. So, we decided to bring some Brazilian made great choices all the way from Hawaii to our shores. We do hope that you’ll like them as much as we did. 😉

The bikinis are of fabulous quality and are all going for a flat rate of RM120 per piece. We have pretty limited stock, so everything will be based on a first come first serve basis.

Some of the patterns come with different types of designs. Do click on the link for more info on how to determine the type of top and bottom designs.

AND since we’re just starting out, we’ve decided to offer a Buy-2-FREE-1 promotion!! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Here are some samples of the FREEBIE you’re gonna receive!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to select the FREE bikini, but don’t worry, all our products are of the same good quality materials.

This promotion is valid while stocks last! So don’t waste time!